Vegans: Are You Getting Enough Iodine In Your Diet?

Posted on: 22 May 2019

If you're a vegan, you might follow a specific type of diet or only eat certain types of food. Although vegan diets can benefit you in a number of ways, the diets might not supply everything you need to stay healthy, including iodine. Iodine is very important to your thyroid health. If you don't get enough iodine in your vegan diet, you could develop thyroid-related health issues. Learn more about iodine and how you can add it to your vegan diet today.

How Important Is the Nutrient Iodine for You?

The glands in your body depend on various minerals to function properly, including your thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is a small tissue found in the lower half of your throat. The gland secretes the hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine, which regulate your body's internal temperature, metabolism, and a number of other functions. If your body doesn't get enough iodine through your diet, your thyroid will struggle to make the right amount of thyroxine and triiodothyronine.

Several crucial things can happen if you lack sufficient thyroxine and triiodothyronine in your circulatory system, including weight gain, fatigue, and memory loss. Some vegans develop dry skin and the inability to tolerate cold temperatures. You may even develop a goiter in your neck, or swollen thyroid gland. You might experience one or all of these symptoms

These are just a few health risks and complications you may experience if you don't get enough iodine. You can lower your risks and avoid complications with your thyroid by adding iodine to your diet.

How Do Supply Your Body With Enough Iodine?

Most adults need about 150 mcg (micrograms) of iodine a day to avoid thyroid problems. Although some fruits, vegetables, and vegan-based foods contain iodine, it's not enough to meet your daily requirements. You can obtain the iodine your body requires by taking supplements.

Supplements come in various forms, including tablets, powdery drinks and capsules. Supplements that contain seaweed may be good options or alternatives for you. Seaweed is high in iodine and may fit your vegan diet better than other non-vegan sources, including fish and cow's milk. 

If you have problems finding or getting the iodine supplements you need, consult a health food provider or supplier for assistance. Health food providers can help you choose supplements that don't compromise your vegan lifestyle.

You can learn more about 12.5mg vegan friendly iodine tablet supplements and how to obtain them by contacting a health food supplier today.