How To Improve Your Health Using Tupelo Honey

Posted on: 30 March 2021

Tupelo honey is produced in the United States. Bees collect pollen from tupelo flowers that only bloom for a short period each year. This pollen is then turned into honey, which is harvested by beekeepers. Tupelo honey is rare and delicious, but many people may not realize that it also offers health benefits. Here are a few ways you can improve your health using tupelo honey:

1. Soothe the symptoms of the common cold.

No one likes getting sick, but it happens to everyone at some point. When you come down with a cold, all you can do is rest until your body fights it off. However, treating the symptoms of your illness can make you more comfortable. Tupelo honey is wonderfully effective at treating common cold symptoms, such as sore throats and coughs. Eat a spoonful of tupelo honey when you have a dry cough or notice pain in your throat. The honey will coat the inside of your throat, soothing irritation so you can rest.

2. Fight inflammation in your body.

Inflammation is a common cause of pain. Inflamed joints can be warm to the touch, in addition to feeling stiff and painful. Inflammation is often caused by your body's response to injury, but certain types of food can trigger inflammation. Anti-inflammatories can reduce swelling so your body can heal. Tupelo honey is a natural anti-inflammatory. Making this honey part of your regular diet can help you control inflammation. This is great news for people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and any other inflammatory condition.

3. Replace your current desserts with tupelo honey.

Some people have a sweet tooth. These people are more likely to indulge in desserts like cake, ice cream, and candy. Unfortunately, these treats are full of fat and processed sugar, which are bad for your health. Tupelo honey will allow you to indulge your sweet tooth in a healthier way. Tupelo honey is sweeter than table sugar, but it contains fructose, which enters your blood more slowly than glucose. Tupelo honey won't spike your blood sugar, and a little goes a long way. Most people will feel satisfied after eating a single spoonful.

4. Use it for wound care in a pinch.

Honey is also a natural antimicrobial. It was often used to dress wounds in ancient times. If you don't have antibiotic ointment on hand when you get a scrape, you can spread a little tupelo honey on the injury after thoroughly cleaning it. Find someone in your area that offers Tupelo Honey for sale.