Tips To Consider When Making Green Tea

Posted on: 15 April 2018

Green tea is a tasty beverage that can also be a smart choice for those that are wanting to improve their dietary habits. While green tea can be an excellent choice, many people are unaware of the steps that they should be taking to ensure their experience with brewing green tea will be as easy as possible while still producing the highest quality tea possible.

Opt For Green Tea Powder

Brewing green tea from leaves can be a fairly inconvenient task. In addition to needing to thoroughly clean and prepare the tea strainer for use, you will also need to ensure the leaves are ground small enough. For those that are wanting to enjoy the benefits of green tea while avoiding this hassle, there are a variety of organic green tea powders that can be used instead. These powders will allow you to quickly and easily brew excellent tasting green tea. When making the green tea from the powder, you should make sure to follow the instructions as closely as possible. If you add too much powder to the mixture, you may make the tea far stronger than you had intended.

Use Honey Rather Than Sugar

Many individuals will not be fans of the bitter taste that can come with unsweetened green tea. However, you may want to avoid adding traditional cane sugar to the tea as it can make it difficult to get the sweetness just right, and it may add many empty calories to the tea. Honey can be an excellent alternative for sweetening the tea. When you add honey to the green tea, you will be able to greatly improve its taste while also providing yourself with a variety of minerals and nutrients that are missing from plain sugar. Also, honey's rich flavor will allow you to minimize the amount that needs to be added, which can further reduce the caloric content of the tea.

Clean The Pitcher Before Making More Green Tea

For maximum convenience, it is common for individuals to make a large pitcher of tea. Unfortunately, some individuals will fail to thoroughly clean the pitcher when it comes time to refill it. Failing to clean the pitcher can introduce a tea sediment and bacteria to your new batch of green tea, and this can severely decrease the quality of the tea that you make. While thoroughly cleaning the pitcher can take some time, it will be well worth it for ensuring that your green tea is of the highest quality possible.

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